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Mutual Understanding and General Terms and Conditions

Please keep in mind that we do not claim personal influence over any government body/Department/Authority/Agency/Board for any reason. We do not practice or use undue influence or ill explained process to get our work done and we have not authorized anyone to do so.

We always follow/obey Norms/Guidelines/Criteria/Policies notified by Government Accreditation/Affiliation Bodies/Department/Agencies/Board in filing Application and preparing documents and onsite preparation as per department’s rules/norms. We do not prepare/modify/temper/duplicate any false documents at any cost.

Kindly note that all types of documents/certificates/financial instruments, etc involved in the process of Accreditation/Affiliation are made available by Institute Management, which are used by us ( consulting team) at various stages of application process for Accreditation/Affiliation. But the consultancy does not verify the veracity of any documents/certificates/financial instruments provided by the Institute Management. Institute Management will be sole responsible for clarification regarding each and every documents/certificates/financial instruments provided by them and used in Accreditation/Affiliation process.