सत्र 2024 के लिए नवीन ITI स्थापित करने के लिए मानक, न्यूनतम जमीन- 1.07 Acre, न्यूनतम ट्रेड- 4 कोर्स, न्यूनतम यूनिट- 8, अधिक जानकारी के लिए हमारे हेल्पलाइन नंबर - 9410042980 पर संपर्क करें।

ITI Re affiliation

Existing ITI Re- affiliation

Renewal of Affiliation

NCVT in its 40th meeting held on 16.11.2011 has taken a decision to grant affiliation only for five years and after every five years the Institute will be inspected afresh and granted affiliation after fulfilment of all the norms. The institutes shall submit an online application at least one year prior to the expiry of affiliation/ completion of five years of affiliation.

ITI Consultancy experts also provide services for Re- affiliation of existing ITI. Our experts assist Management to maintain society register, stock register, develop QMS for re-affiliation, etc. We will prepare all necessary documents, Apply online Application, on-site Preparation, and Department follows up, etc for extension of Affiliation.

Affiliation for Addition of New Trades/Units in ITI

The existing ITI shall mandatory opt for ‘grading’ before addition of new trades or Units in running trades. New machinery and equipment are required for affiliation of new trades. ITI Consultancy experts Follow the procedure of approval for the new institute as per latest NCVT norms, if an addition of Trades/ Units require additional infrastructure, Addition of trades/ units in existing ITIs shall be permitted only if the ITI is complying with latest NCVT norms at least for additional trades/ units.


Affiliation for Shifting of ITI- Change in Site Location

Before relocating Existing ITI to a new location, it is mandatory to take permission/Approval of Shifting of ITI. Institute has to apply online on DGT portal with new Building Plan and will follow New ITI Affiliation norms... For existing ITIs, existing machinery and equipment would be accepted but they should be in good working condition. However, all the machinery, tools and equipment should be as per latest revised semester wise syllabus.

We deliver complete services for Shifting of Existing ITI. Shifting of ITI is same as Establish a New ITI. We will apply online on DGT portal with new Building Plan and follow New ITI Affiliation norms. We design new site building Map as per latest guideline of NCVT/DGT and prepare all documents, necessary for shifting an ITI. We give 100% assurance of Affiliation for shifting ITI before next admission session will start.


Affiliation of De-affiliated ITI

Any institute de-affiliated by DGT shall not be eligible to apply for re-affiliation for a minimum period of 3 years from the date of de-affiliation. An exception shall be given for institutes in case of relocating to a new place with prior written approval from DGT.  Such institutes shall be de-affiliated as per NCVT norms and Follow the procedure for affiliation of the new ITI.