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Plan Site Visit Meeting Details

Plan Site Visit Meeting

ITI Consultancy Services offer a proposal of site visit meeting to promoters at the proposed project location. Our larger group of consultants made it possible to meet promoters within 2 working days from the getting site visit request. The expert’s site visit to proposed ITI location will help the investors to get detailed information on potentiality and feasibility of venture, and an overview of requirements of starting a new ITI.

Benefits of conducting the site visit

  • Expert team and client introduction, what we’ll accomplish, our Process.
  • How we will work together; email vs. phone, what’ll be approving project, regularly scheduled meeting, how responsive can we expect them to be.
  • With the client on his proposed ITI location, identify the things that you have going for you. They push you forward and can be used as competitive advantages.
  • Survey of the proposed location by our expert team, analyze demand of ITI and return on investment on that location.
  • Survey of the area around the site to understand the catchment scope and upcoming establishments.
  • Identify the things that could completely derail your project. These are your icebergs. They will make the project fail, like new legislation or a competitor beating you to the market.
  • Finally, on the basis of the expert survey report, our technical project adviser team will prepare a detailed project report, in which all parameters are considered to analyze potentiality and feasibility of proposed project.

Discussion on the day of Site Visit

  • Discussion on Procedural Norms
  • Introduction of Accreditation and Affiliation Processes for Establishing ITIs; General information, Eligibility, Concurrent Monitoring, Forensic Audit, Accreditation Process, Advertisement for Inviting Applications, Submission of Online Application, ITI website design, Initial Scrutiny, Issue of Letter of Intent, State Permission (State NOC),Updating Application (Civil Infrastructure), Desktop Assessment of Application, Approval Panel Visit, Appointment of Staff, State Accreditation report to NCVT, Issuance of Letter of Affiliation with NCVT.


  • Change Management of ITI; Addition of Trades/ Units in Existing Institute, Change in Name of Institute, Surrender of Unit(s)/ Trade, Renewal of Affiliation, Change in Ownership of the ITI, Change in Site/ Location of the Institute means shifting of ITI, De-Affiliation/ Closure of Institute.


  • Discussion on Civil Norms
  • Building details, Building Layout Design, Standard Fire Safety Norms, Institutional area, Administrative area, Amenities area, Boards and Signage, Desirable requirements, General Guidelines on facilities, finishing norms for ITI building.


  • Discussion on Cost of Project
  • Department file processing fee, Consulting fee, Building cost, Machinery, Tools and Equipment cost, IT Lab setup, Library books, Furniture cost, Technical and Non Technical staff requirement, budget and Financial Planning, etc


  • Execution and rollout Plan
  • The successful project execution process begins with a systematic project team approach to planning the rollout of the strategy. Divide whole project work into milestones help us to accomplish our goal easily.


How to schedule a Site Visit; Call at our helpline No. 9410042980 or email us on enquiry.iticonsultancy@gmail.com otherwise submit the form below.

Please Note

  • The site visit will be executed within 2 working days from the time of payment confirmation.
  • The client will provide pick and drop facilities from Railway station/Airport/ Bus station to proposed location during entire tenure.
  • The client will provide good quality of accommodation during the visit.